Caffe Windsor


Please inform us of any allergies you may have as some dishes are garnished with gluten, dairy and/or nuts

GF – Gluten Free
V – Vegetarian
V* – Vegan




Farmers All Day Breakfast 

Two eggs, any style, with bacon, cheese kranskys, grilled tomato, homemade hash browns and mushrooms served on a slice of toasted Vienna


French Toast 

Thick slices of Vienna dipped in cinnamon egg batter, fried until golden served with bacon, grilled banana, berry coulis, fresh fruit, with maple syrup topped with wild berry compote


Add whip cream $2.00

Vegetarian Omelette

Two egg omelette beaten with cream served with baby spinach, house-made pickled red onion, cherry tomato, and feta cheese served with toasted Vienna, drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction

$22.50 V 

Add - Salmon $7.00 or Ham $4.00

Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs with your choice of topping on our crispy homemade hash browns with hollandaise and tomato salsa

Spinach $23.00 GF

Bacon or Ham or Avocado $24.00 GF

Salmon $26.00 GF

Half-serve available for $15.50 plus topping

Second Mortgage

Your choice of toasted Ciabatta or super grain served with smashed avocado, poached egg, feta cheese, house made dukkah sprinkled with chiili flakes

$18.50 V

Add Salmon or Bacon 6.00

Mushroom and Bacon 

Mushroom and Bacon reduced in a creamy sauce served on toasted Vienna with poached egg


Eggs on Toast 

Eggs cooked to your liking served on your choice of toasted ciabatta or super grain

Add - Bacon  $5.50 or salmon $7.00


Mixed Grill 

Grilled sirloin served with bacon, grilled tomato, cheese kransky, hash brown, fries, poached egg and mushroom jus with hollandaise


Chicken Fettuccine 

Chicken, bacon and mushroom reduced in a white wine and cream sauce served with shaved parmesan


Seafood Pasta

Prawns, Calamari, Fish, cream, garlic, lemon, reduced white wine and fettucine pasta or risotto


Corn Fritters 

Homemade fritters with bacon, melted brie served on a garden salad dressed with a sweet chilli and balsamic glaze topped with house made tomato salsa and pickeld red onion drizzled with Chipotle aioli and basil pesto

Vegetarian option available

Chicken and Bacon Risotto

Chicken, Bacon, Capsicum, Onion, Garlic, Cream, Vodka, Risotto, Pesto


Steak n Chips

220g Sirloin cooked to your liking, Garden salad mix, Fries, Mushroom Sauce


Add Fried Egg $4.00

Steak Open Sandwich 

Sirloin steak grilled to your liking served on toasted Ciabatta, salad greens, tomato and aioli with a mushroom Sauce and fries


Chicken and Bacon Sandwich 

Grilled chicken breast and crispy bacon, on salad greens, sweet mayo and cheese, toasted and skewered together served with fries


Brioche And Buttermilk Chicken

Brioche bun, Crispy chicken, Slaw, Chipotle aioli And Brie Cheese


Falafel and Pita Pockets

Spicy, authentic falafels fried then placed in a grilled pita pocket resting on a fresh salad finished with a creamy coconut and sweet chilli peanut sauce

$21.00 V*

Blackboard Specials

Seafood Chowder

Mix Seafood,Cream, Garlic, Fish Stock, Capsicum served with garlic bread


Fish of the Day 

Please refer to specials board



Windsor Beef Burger 

Housemade Beef Pattie on a milk bun with melted cheese, gherkins, salad greens, tomato, aioli and tomato relish served with fries


Southern Chicken Burger 

Crispy chicken on a milk bun with melted cheese, salad greens, tomato and aioli served with fries


Pulled Pork Burger

BBQ Porkon a milk bun with melted cheese, salad greens, tomato and aioli served with fries



Pork Salad 

Pulled BBQ Pork with cherry tomatoes, Salad mix, Slaw, Red onion, Aioli

$22.50 GF

Chicken and Bacon Salad 

Fresh salad greens, salad mix, Pan-fried chicken breast with bacon lightly dressed with aioli

$21.50 GF

Mediterranean Salad

Salad Mix, Cherry tomatoes, Feta, Dukkah, Red onion, Falafel, Balsamic glaze

$22.60 V/GF

Side Orders

Two rashers of bacon, Two Eggs or Mushrooms


Two Hash browns




Cheese kransky


Side Salad


White toast w/ butter 


Side Sauce (Any) 


Gluten free bread available



Garlic Bread

Two slices of Vienna $9.00 V

Add Cheese $4.00

Windsor Wedges

All served with cheese and sour cream

Cheese and chilli sauce $16.00 V

Cheese, bacon and relish $17.50

Bowl of Fries 

Bowl of fries served with aioli

$9.00 GF / V

Hot Bacon and Egg Sandwich 

Bacon and egg between fresh white bread


The Elvis

Hash brown, bacon and fried egg served on fresh white bread with aioli and a side of hollandaise sauce



Bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted bread with aioli and tomato relish served with fries


Three Filling Toastie

Your choice of white or grain bread all served with fries

Fillings: Cheese, tomato, pickled red onion, bacon, ham, egg, avocado or pineapple


Gluten Free option available 


Coated Squids Served with Salad mix and Chipotle Aioli 


Cauliflower Popcorn

Beer Batter fried Cauliflower Served with chipotle aioli



Coffee - Ozone

Espresso, Long Black, Vienna, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Chai Latte, Flat White, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate, Affogato, and Liqueur Coffee


Alternative milks available - .80c

Shot syrups available - .50c

Tea - T2

Tea Range

English Breakfast, French Earl Grey and Green


Herbal tea available

Ask front staff


Soft Drink

Lemon Lime & Bitters, Lemonade, Raspberry, L&P, Coke Zero, and Ginger Beer, and Coke



Mcoy Juices

Apple - Orange - Pineapple - Tomato
Homegrown - Raw Feijoa


Cold Drinks

Banana, Caramel, Chocolate, Lime, Strawberry and Vanilla


Iced Chocolate 


Iced Coffee 


Iced Mocha 


Ice-cream Soda 

Coke, Raspberry, Lemonade or L&P



White Wine - Glass 

Peter Yealands Sauvignon Blanc

Peter Yealands Chardonnay

Peter Yealands Pinot Gris


Mission Estate Rose'

Mission Estate Sauvignon


Red Wine - Glass

Stoneleigh Pinot Noir

Mission Estate Merlot

Mission Estate Syrah


Low Alcohol Wine - Glass

Peter Yealands Sauvignon


Sparkling Wine - Glass

Lindauer Fraise

Lindauer Brut Cuvee



Bottled Beer

Export Gold


Amstel Light



Monteiths Apple Cider


Craft Beer 


Hazy Pale Ale - Sandman 5.2%

Pilsner - Port Road Pils 5.2%

APA - Supercharger 5.7%

Stout - Blacktop Oat 5.5% 

Hazy IPA - Rat Rod 6.5% (Contains lactose)


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Garlic Bread

On freshly toasted Vienna


Today's Bread

On freshly toasted Vienna with garlic butter and cheese


Breads and Dip – Good for two 

Mix of toasted breads served with Dukkah, olive oil, pepper jam



Soup of the moment 

Served with Garlic Bread



Coated Squids served with fresh salad and aioli sauce


Beef kofta

3 Kofta with Fresh salad chimmichuri dressing and cranberry salsa 


Sauteed Chicken Liver                                        Chicken liver with bacon, marsala wine and cream sauce on garlic roasted potato


Chicken and Bacon Salad 

Pan-fried chicken breast and bacon pieces tossed through hydro lettuce greens and salad mix lightly dressed with aioli

$20.80 GF

Pulled pork Salad 

Pulled BBQ Pork, Onion, cherry tomatoes, Fresh Lettuce and hard cold egg



Angus Sirloin

Sirloin steak cooked to your liking served with Crumbed onion rings, Pepper Puree, Asian Slaw and Mushroom sauce

$38.00 GF

Sirloin Steak 220g           

Choose your Own plating 

Jus  $3                                 Hollandaise $3

creamy mashed potato $5

Roasted garlic potatoes $4   

Rocket and cherry tomatoes salad $4

Mushroom sauce $4             Seasonal veg $5

Falafel $4         

Fries/crumbed onion rings  $5                                                                   


Chicken Panko 

Crumbed Chicken breast served on seasonal vegetables with cranberry Salsa and chimmichuri


Pork Fillet

Pork fillet, duck confit vegetables, corn salsa, apple caramel and Jus


Lamb Rump 

Marinated Lamb rump served with  potato mash, Rocket and cherry tomato salad with balsamic dreassing and a rich red wine jus


Chicken Fettuccine

Chicken, bacon and mushroom reduced in a white wine and cream sauce with shaved parmesan


Fish of the Day

Fish of the day, please refer to the blackboard or ask your waiter



Coffee and Kahlua Tiramisu 

Lady fingers soaked in Coffee and Kahlua layered with chocolate whipped mascarpone and dusted with chocolate powder served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream


Cheesecake of the Day 

Ask your waiter, served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream